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Daily Excel Export

Explore Crunchbase data in a convenient Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The Daily Excel Export is updated each morning and includes lists of funded companies, funding rounds, investor details, acquisitions, and IPOs. The complete export is available to users with Enterprise or Applications Access.

The export makes identifying business opportunities and performing analysis easy. However, it is NOT intended to be a replacement for the full REST API.

The Daily Excel Export contains the following worksheets:

  • Funded Companies - All venture-backed companies in Crunchbase
  • Funding Rounds - Detail for each funding round in the dataset
  • Investors - Active investors including organizations and individuals
  • Acquisitions - Detail for each acquisition in the dataset
  • IPOs - Detail for each IPO in the dataset

Sample Excel Export

If you are not already a licensee, you can download a sample export. The sample contains data for about 100 companies.

Accessing the Excel Export

Access to the Excel Export Requires an Enterprise or Applications License

If you are not already registered for a Crunchbase Data account, register here.

The export is a downloadable XLSX file compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 and greater. To access the spreadsheet, follow these steps:

Locate your User Key. The user key is a 32 character string that you should have received by email after signing up for Crunchbase data. If you have not received your user key, please contact support.

Enter URL Into Your Browser. Once you’ve located your user key, type the following URL address into your browser and replacing "user_key" with the value that you received in your email.

For example, if your "user_key" is 1a2b3c4d5e6f7g8h9i0j, you would type:

Press Enter Key to Begin Download. Once the correct URL is in the address bar, press “Enter” (or "Return") and the download should begin automatically. If the download does not begin, please contact support.

Using the Excel Export

We encourage you to leverage the Daily Excel Export for your internal business and research needs. You are also welcome to publish analysis and aggregate statistics derived from the Crunchbase dataset. Unless otherwise noted in your license (see License Agreement and Data Access Terms), you may not license, sublicense, sell, offer to sell, distribute or otherwise provide any of the Crunchbase data to any third parties.

Attribution Requirements

When sharing information about the data, follow these attribution requirements.

  • Attribution must be accompanied by a hyperlink to Crunchbase
  • If content being attributed is primarily about one entity, link must point to that entity on Crunchbase.
  • Link must be plainly visible to end user
  • Link must be in close proximity to the attributed data
  • Link must be visible to Internet spiders (e.g. Googlebot)
  • Link cannot include the “nofollow” tag"

Daily Excel Export