Endpoint Requires Enterprise or Applications Access

To access this endpoint you must have Enterprise or Applications access. Learn more.

The /organizations endpoint returns a paginated list of OrganizationSummary items for every Organization in Crunchbase.

The sort_order parameter, which defaults to "created_at DESC" cannot be combined with any of the search or filter query parameters. Searching and filtering results in a "custom" sort order.

Searching Organizations

Developers can search the /organizations endpoint using three mutually-exclusive freetext search options, as follows:

  • query: searches name, aliases / prior names, location, domain and short_description
  • name: searches name and aliases / prior names
  • domain_name : searches domain

A query that includes more than one of these parameters will result in an error.

Filtering Organizations

In addition, developers can filter results by three optional facets, as follows:

  • organization_types: company, investor, school, and/or group (logically AND'd)
  • location_uuids : one or more location UUIDs (comma-separated and logically AND'd)
  • category_uuids : one or more UUIDs (comma-separated and logically AND'd)

A query can contain multiple facet filters. Facet filters are logically AND'd together.

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