Frequently Asked Questions about the API

How can I effectively search for companies using their name, especially when they're from the same country or when I have their address or website?

To search for companies more effectively, consider using the /searches/organization endpoint with the locations_identifier and website_url fields. If you're primarily searching by name, the autocompletes endpoint remains the recommended method.

Can you explain the concept of card_id?

The card_id represents a list of relationships associated with a given entity. For instance, the organizations entity has a founders field which returns a list of people entities related to the organization's founders. However, minimal information is provided for each card. In many cases, users fetch the UUIDs of these cards and then use the API to retrieve specific fields of interest.

How can I search for all funds within a specific country, especially when I can't use the location_identifier field in the /search/funds endpoint?

To search for funds within a specific country, it's suggested to use the /searches/funding_rounds endpoint and query against the funded_organization_location field.

How can I filter companies based on their type, such as “company”, “investor”, or “school”?

To filter companies based on their type, you can use the facet_ids field. For instance, to search for companies with an “investor” facet, include the following predicate in your search query: { "type": "predicate", "field_id": "facet_ids", "operator_id": "includes", "values": ["investor"] }. It's worth noting that this field type is enum_multi and the possible values for organizations are “company”, “investor”, and “school”.

Does the organization.updated_at property get updated when a funding round is added to an organization? Additionally, what exactly does updated_at represent?

Yes, the updated_at field updates whenever a funding round is added to a company. In fact, any modification or addition to a company's data—be it funding round details, a layoff signal, valuation, company name, description, and more—results in an update to the updated_at field.

How do I accurately identify a company when multiple companies share the same name? Would the domain be the best identifier?

For accurate identification of companies with identical names, the best approach is to use the website URL. You can search in the /searches/organizations endpoint using the website_url field and the domain_eq operator to get precise results.