Crunchbase Basic

The Crunchbase Basic access gets you up-to-date company names, locations, and domains that you can use to experiment with historical data, link your dataset to Crunchbase, or integrate Crunchbase data into your own applications.


Now available to all users!

We have made it much easier for everyone interested in Crunchbase basic access to be able to Sign Up, provision an API key from your account, and get Started!

There are 2 ways in which you can explore the Crunchbase Basic data:

Generating a Basic API Key

To get access to your personal API key, complete the steps below:

  1. Login/Sign Up to your Crunchbase account
  2. Navigate to View All Integrations in your account settings
  3. Select Crunchbase API and follow the steps to generate a Basic API Key


Activation of API key

After you generate the API key, please wait up to 1 hour (typically 15 mins) for the key to be ready for use

Using the Crunchbase Basic Dataset

We encourage you to leverage this dataset to power your own applications. There are no limitations on using the data beyond the terms and restrictions stated in the License Agreement and Data Access Terms and the below Attribution Requirements).

Attribution Requirements

You are required to attribute Crunchbase when using this dataset. This prompts others to contribute to Crunchbase and improves the Crunchbase database for everyone’s benefit.

  • Attribution must state “Powered by Crunchbase” and be accompanied by a hyperlink to Crunchbase (
  • If content being attributed is primarily about one entity, link must point to that entity on Crunchbase
  • Link is in close proximity to the attributed data
  • Link is visible to Internet spiders (e.g. Googlebot)
  • Link does not include the “nofollow” tag"