Examples: Entity Lookup API

Examples for using Crunchbase's Entity Lookup API endpoints

Below are a few common examples to help you request data fields or relationships for a specific entity.


Key Reminder

  • entity_id must be provided in the request
  • entity_id can be the uuid or the permalink of the entity
  • you can pass your API key in the request's header if you do not want to pass the API key in the URL

Example 1: retrieve information for Tesla Motors

Information to retrieve for Tesla Motors:

  • company firmographic - categories, short description, website and facebook URLs (field_ids = website,facebook,categories,short_description)
  • who are their founder(s)? (card_ids=founders)
  • when was the company founded? (field_ids=founded_on)
  • what funding rounds did Tesla Motors raised? (card_ids=raised_funding_rounds)
  • what's Tesla's Crunchbase Rank among companies across Crunchbase Graph? (field_ids=rank_org_company)
GET https://api.crunchbase.com/api/v4/entities/organizations/tesla-motors?card_ids=founders,raised_funding_rounds&field_ids=categories,short_description,rank_org_company,founded_on,website,facebook,created_at&user_key=INSERT_KEY_HERE

Example 2: paginate get more results for Sequoia Capital's investments

Since Sequoia Capital (permalink = sequoia-capital) has more than 1,000 investments, we need to paginate to get more results from the raised_investments card because it only shows a max of 100 results.

Additionally, retrieve only the below information about Sequoia's investments and sort the results by highest funding raised:

  • when was the announced date? (field_ids=announced_on)
  • how much money did the funding round raised? (field_ids=funding_round_money_raised)
  • which company raised the funding round? (field_ids=organization_identifier)
  • which partner from Sequoia Capital is associated with the funding round? (field_ids=partner_identifier)

In the example below, we are looking for the 2nd page of the results by using the after_id parameter (after_id = cc1e69b5-052d-577d-9c03-85097da862ed).

GET https://api.crunchbase.com/api/v4/entities/organizations/sequoia-capital/cards/participated_investments?card_field_ids=announced_on%2Cfunding_round_money_raised%2Corganization_identifier%2Cpartner_identifiers&after_id=cc1e69b5-052d-577d-9c03-85097da862ed&order=funding_round_money_raised%20desc&user_key=INSERT_KEY_HERE

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