Release History

DateRelease NotesComments
7/16/2021-Added new Layoff Signal endpoint to API v4.0
-Added organization_identifier to IPOs
- Search API: /searches/layoffs
- last_layoff_date field is available in Orgs
- layoffs card is available in Orgs
6/26/2020API version: 1.0.3
- added new website_url field that customers can use to search for entities w/ a specific domain
- removed num_investments_funding_rounds field
- website_url field is available on Orgs, People, and Principals
- website_url replaces current website field
- website field will be deprecated in the future; however, no timeline has been set yet. We will provide notice to customers once we determine the deprecation schedule
4/30/2020API v4.0 is GAThis is the latest API version from Crunchbase where we now support both entity lookup and entity search. For more details on our endpoints, please refer to the API Reference page.
2/3/2020API v4.0 Beta is live and ready for Beta customers to test.

This is a complete redesign of the Crunchbase API.
End of Support for API v3.1 is 10/30/2020.

End of Life for API v3.1 will be 1/29/2021. At this date, API v3.1 will no longer be accessible.

Please plan your migration schedule accordingly. If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSMs.