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Complete Node List

API v3 will soon be deprecated

We will be launching our new API v3.1 in mid-late September. Once API v3.1 is launched, API v3 will still be available for three months, but we will no longer be pushing updated data to it. In preparation for this change we have launched a beta of API v3.1 for you to begin integrations to the new endpoints. We have created a summary of change with updated documentation to help with this transition.

Crunchbase makes a CSV export of all node keys available for developers seeking an alternative to paginating through the collection endpoints. The export is updated each morning and includes separate files for each key node type and includes an updated_at timestamp with each key. Crunchbase Enterprise and/or Crunchbase Platform is required to download the CSV files.

The CSV export is a compressed TAR file containing the following files:

  • organizations.csv - All organization names and permalinks
  • people.csv - All people names and permalinks
  • funding_rounds.csv - All funding round UUIDs
  • investors.csv - All investor UUIDs
  • investments.csv - All investment UUIDs
  • acquisitions.csv - All acquisition UUIDs
  • ipos.csv - All IPO UUIDs
  • funds.csv - All fund UUIDs

Accessing the Node Export

Access to the Excel Export Requires an Enterprise or Applications License

If you are not already registered for a Crunchbase Data account, register here.

To access the CSV files, follow these steps:

Locate your User Key. The user key is a 32 character string that you should have received by email after signing up for Crunchbase data. If you have not received your user key, please contact support.

Enter URL Into Your Browser. Once you’ve located your user key, type the following URL address into your browser and replacing "user_key" with the value that you received in your email.

For example, if your "user_key" is 1a2b3c4d5e6f7g8h9i0j, you would type:

Press Enter Key to Begin Download. Once the correct URL is in the address bar, press “Enter” (or "Return") and the download should begin automatically. If the download does not begin, please contact support.

Complete Node List