Open Data Map

Use the Open Data Map (ODM) to link your existing dataset to Crunchbase. The ODM includes everything you'll need to start the matching process for organization and people profiles. You can download the data map in CSV format or through the REST API.

The ODM includes basic Organization and People information. A list of attributes can be found here:

Download the Open Data Map


Access to the Open Data Map Requires a Registration

If you are not already registered for a Crunchbase Data account, register here.

You can download the ODM or access it via the REST API. For a CSV download, follow these steps:

Locate your User Key. The user key is a 32 character string that you should have received by email after signing up for Crunchbase data. If you have not received your user key, please contact support.

Enter URL Into Your Browser. Once you’ve located your user key, type the following URL address into your browser and replacing "user_key" with the value that you received in your email.

For example, if your "user_key" is 1a2b3c4d5e6f7g8h9i0j, you would type:

Press Enter Key to Begin Download. Once the correct URL is in the address bar, press “Enter” (or "Return") and the download should begin automatically. If the download does not begin, please contact support.

Decompress File. The file you download is a tar.gz file which needs to be "unpacked". On a Mac, just open the file and it will automatically expand. On Windows, you can use 7-zip to accomplish the same thing. Once expanded, you will find one file for Organizations and another for People.

Access the Open Data Map from the REST API

The ODM can be accessed through /odm-organizations and /odm-people collection endpoints in the REST API.


All Other Endpoints Require an Advanced or Commercial License

If you are not an Advanced or Commercial licensee, register here.

Using the Open Data Map

We encourage you to leverage the Open Data Map to integrate Crunchbase into your own applications. There are no limitations on using the data beyond the terms and restrictions stated in the License Agreement and Data Access Terms and the below Attribution Requirements).

Attribution Requirements

You are required to attribute Crunchbase when using the Open Data Map. This prompts others to contribute to Crunchbase and improves the Crunchbase database for everyone’s benefit.

  • Attribution must state “Powered by Crunchbase” and be accompanied by a hyperlink to Crunchbase (
  • If content being attributed is primarily about one entity, link must point to that entity on Crunchbase
  • Link is in close proximity to the attributed data
  • Link is visible to Internet spiders (e.g. Googlebot)
  • Link does not include the “nofollow” tag"