Profile Images

The REST API and Daily CSV Export include profile image links for Organizations, People and Products. We provide two links:

profile_image_url - This is a direct link to the most up to date image that CrunchBase has at the time that REST API call is made or the data export is generated.

logo_url - This is a link that will always redirect to the most up to date profile_image_url that CrunchBase has for a given entity. This link is only available in the Daily CSV Export.

Image Transformations

CrunchBase uses Cloudinary to cache and transform images. Using the profile_image_url, you can apply any one of Cloudinary's transformations. For example:

Beginning with this image from the CrunchBase profile:

You could resize the image to a 40x40 pixel square.,h_40/v1443020871/pbjzpjnyqt0nod1gx2gv.png